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Farm birthday party, corn maze, family fun park, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, covered pavilions

Our Party Barns are covered and come with six picnic tables and trash cans. See additional photos on our Facebook Page

Our large covered pavilion with breathtaking views overlooking the farm is perfect for larger groups. Includes seating for 50,  private hand washing station and private porta-johns. 

Both options Includes: 

  • Admission for guests to Fun Park which includes hayride to feed the cows, petting zoo, corn crib, inflatables, slides, jumping pillow, playground, and MORE!
  • Reserved area for two hours.
    • You are welcome to stay and play before and after the party (within our operating hours)  but the reserved party area is for two hours.
    • We have two party barns. Party Barn One is behind the red ticket booth and Party Barn Two is behind the tire yard. Please let us know if you have a preference of party barns and we will try to accommodate you.
  • We allow you to bring in your own cake, food, drinks, and decorations.

Additional Options:

  • Bucket of feed for petting zoo. $5 per bucket. Each bucket is enough for 10 kids.
  • Strawberry Pints (*when available). $4 per pint and ONLY FOR KIDS. Adults may purchase gallons at ticket booth. Please note that strawberry picking is sometimes limited and we have no control over berry availability. 

Additional Party Information and Party Tips:

Reservations:  To reserve your party, click here.

Payment & Deposit: A nonrefundable deposit of $25 (plus tax)is due at the time of booking. Your party is not reserved until we receive a deposit. You can either mail a check to the farm or we will send a PayPal invoice. Time slots are a first come first serve basis and book quickly. Please do not send invitations until you receive an email confirmation that payment was received. Final payment is due AFTER your party based on how many guest attend the party.

Inclement Weather: We are an outside venue so please have an Plan “B” in case of rain. We will work with you in anyway possible to reschedule your party if it is rained out.

Decorations: You are welcome to bring in decorations but the country farm setting provides all the decorations you will need.We are an outside venue and there is ALWAYS a breeze blowing and most decorations usually blow away. No confetti or pinatas allowed.

Hayride: Your guest will enjoy a hayride to feed to the cows and tour the farm. We do not offer private hayrides for birthday parties so there may be other guests on the ride at the same time as your party. Please have all your guests lined up and ready for the hayride so you can all go at the same time. Hayrides run about every thirty 30 minutes (listen for the bell).

Outside Food & Drink: We allow outside food, drinks (no alcoholic beverages allowed at farm), and cake. We do not have a public refrigerator to store the cake or food.

Invitation Suggestion: Worried that the invited guest will bring extra guests (invited classmate brings mom, dad, grandma, and three siblings) and that will increase your party total? We suggest to clearly outline on the party invitations how many people you are inviting. For example: We are paying for the invited child and one parent. Anyone else who wishes to visit the farm can purchase tickets at the red ticket booth. Regular Spring Admission is $9 per kid & $5 per adult.

Please let us know when you check in who you are including in your party package. Otherwise, anyone who says they are with your party and doesn’t pay admission will be counted in  your party total. Letting the invited guests know who you are paying for and letting us know in the ticket booth will clear up any confusion and will be one less hassle for you! OR for even less confusion, provide us with a list of who is invited and we can check them off the list when they arrive.

What to Bring: Let this be the easiest party you have ever hosted! The farm has so much to offer for kids and adults which means less planning on your part! Less is really MORE when it comes to planning and bringing things to the party. We have seen countless party planners (moms) stress out and spend so much time and money on decorations and other party supplies. The kids will spend very little time in the actual Party Barns. They will be having so much fun that you will be lucky to get them to come and eat cake! Take it from us and actually enjoy this party! All you have to do is sit back and relax watching the kids run around having fun! Here are some suggestions:

  • Cake, candles, lighter
  • Food and Drinks (bring extra water. Everyone will be very active)
  • Very little decorations!
  • Extra camping chairs and blankets.
  • Baby Wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Sunscreen
  • Table Cloths (If you choose but the picnic tables are just fine with with no covering). If you do bring in table cloths please bring something to tie them down because they will blow away! We do not supply staple guns so please plan ahead of time. We suggest bringing in rubber bands and small rocks (about the size of your palm) and tying the rocks to the corners of the table (we can show you this trick).

Saturday and Sunday Time slots:

  • 10:00-12:00
  • 12:30-2:30
  • 3:00-5:00

Parties are offered March 23, March 30, April 6. Starting April 13, parties will be available on Saturday and Sundays through June 8.


For Reservations, click here or email Warbington Farms for questions/more information.